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help the rest of us in D.E.D.I. with wishing Justin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He's 23 today! Let him know how much you dig him and hope he has a good one! I'll be watching you. DO IT NOW!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Or e-mail: justinschock@yahoo.com to send him naked pictures.
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You know.. that middle picture kind of looks like Vin Diesel with hair ;)
oh shit..eww..weird haha. Damn me for having a decent sized jaw line haha. And the huge forehead don't help.
hahaha no he doesn't mikey, you weird motherfucker. You like DEDI? Why didn't you come on the 13th. I swear next time I see you I'm just going to poke your eyes out! ;)
Hell yeah I like DEDI.
Since I seen them.... at that one show.. a while back... at the emerson?
I think it was the last time I seen you...
A cadavers show.

I'm a broke mo'fo Kazzle! If I woulda had the money, I would have went
Oh yeah! Yes he does! IM me and I'll send you the picture. I showed him and Hallow!

haha man that was funny as hell. I'll add that to my list of "famous people i supposedly look like".haha.

And don't be upset about not showing up the 13th haha..We sucked ass. Well ok be upset..Blitzkid did great as well as B.C.R. haha.
Eh, whether you sucked ass or not, I still would have liked to went..

and (kick me for saying this) but I've never even heard blitzkid
Happy birthday (again) Justin.
Thanks babe(again) :p