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Dead End Drive In


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Dead End Drive In behind the music:

This community is for fans, friends, family and band members of D.E.D.I.

Here you can discuss upcoming shows, merchandise, lyrics, music, the band members, or whatever else band related that comes to mind.

Please put any and all pictures over 200 x 200 pixels and no more than 2 pictures without a lj cut. Anything over that, put behind a cut! The post will be deleted otherwise. Sorry. This rule is pretty simple. If you have any questions on how to make a lj cut please refer to the F.A.Q. page on lj.

All petty arguments and members who act out in any way we deem retarded will get you like so thrown out of the community. An example is saying anything racist or anything bashing the band. Why would we want someone talkin' shit in a community we run? We're always open for reviews and opinions of SOUND MIND but, anything that we believe is "bashing" will be an automatic toss out. Heard?

Have a ball and as always keep it bloody!