Justin Terrell (justinschock) wrote in deadenddrivein,
Justin Terrell


Hey all our friends/fans..Lend us in Dead End Drive In a big helping hand and help us out.

We along with every other band in america is trying to get on the Ernie Ball battle of the bands stage at the warped tour. I know, I know it's not a place for us. But we want to play it and get our name out more! I just "built" the profile on there, so it's fresh and new, and I know it's a late start..but if all of you get there and have a listen, and vote for us it'll be cool. Plus there's the "re recorded" version of Crossing over. (Yes there's a difference from the EP version recorded 2 years ago, to this one recorded 5 months ago). And "Little Dead" is also on there. So GET ON IT!

CLICK HERE, listen and help us get on this years warped tour.

Thanks a lot in advance..Keep it creepy,

-x posted from our myspace profile/monsterkids lj community-
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