Justin Terrell (justinschock) wrote in deadenddrivein,
Justin Terrell

Anyone in the Midwest!!!!!

We just FINALLY got the news for this.

Next sunday April 3rd At this address:
The Triangle
4036 State Route 502
Greenville, OH

Well will be playing a Battle of the Bands. Sorry for the short notice..as we just got the info today. But we want as many of you people as we can get out there to vote for us! So if you can make it..be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doors open at 8:30 pm..And we go on at 9:30 pm ..so again..be there if you can. If you will be able to make to this..let us know via email, or on here, and we'll holla at ya at this little shindig.

Keep it creepy!

-This is just copied and pasted from our myspace bulletin..and posted all over the damn place. Anyway we in D.E.D.I. need anyone that can make it to come out to this thing and vote for us. It's $5 to get in..In theory they are suppose to be sending us like 50 tickets to sale/hand out. So if any of you cats from Ohio or central to northern Indiana can make it out then let us know some how..I think, ok I'm pretty sure we're the only horror band on the bill haha..so come out and represent for our genre!-
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