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09:43pm 10/07/2005
  New pictures on our site. HERE Go have fun, do other things. Tell people about our site.  
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02:18am 20/04/2005
  Hey all our friends/fans..Lend us in Dead End Drive In a big helping hand and help us out.

We along with every other band in america is trying to get on the Ernie Ball battle of the bands stage at the warped tour. I know, I know it's not a place for us. But we want to play it and get our name out more! I just "built" the profile on there, so it's fresh and new, and I know it's a late start..but if all of you get there and have a listen, and vote for us it'll be cool. Plus there's the "re recorded" version of Crossing over. (Yes there's a difference from the EP version recorded 2 years ago, to this one recorded 5 months ago). And "Little Dead" is also on there. So GET ON IT!

CLICK HERE, listen and help us get on this years warped tour.

Thanks a lot in advance..Keep it creepy,

-x posted from our myspace profile/monsterkids lj community-
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"And much to my amazement, he did frighten me..." 
07:39pm 25/03/2005

How is THAT...for fandom?  Hmmm? ;)

Yup, feel special.

Or else.


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Anyone in the Midwest!!!!! 
04:32pm 25/03/2005
  We just FINALLY got the news for this.

Next sunday April 3rd At this address:
The Triangle
4036 State Route 502
Greenville, OH

Well will be playing a Battle of the Bands. Sorry for the short notice..as we just got the info today. But we want as many of you people as we can get out there to vote for us! So if you can make it..be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doors open at 8:30 pm..And we go on at 9:30 pm ..so again..be there if you can. If you will be able to make to this..let us know via email, or on here, and we'll holla at ya at this little shindig.

Keep it creepy!

-This is just copied and pasted from our myspace bulletin..and posted all over the damn place. Anyway we in D.E.D.I. need anyone that can make it to come out to this thing and vote for us. It's $5 to get in..In theory they are suppose to be sending us like 50 tickets to sale/hand out. So if any of you cats from Ohio or central to northern Indiana can make it out then let us know some how..I think, ok I'm pretty sure we're the only horror band on the bill haha..so come out and represent for our genre!-
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12:11pm 24/03/2005
  I'm copying this from our myspace bulletin and a thing on our message board, as it is easier and makes more sense then typing it all out again.

Ok for our new site that we're revamping we're wanting to post pictures of all the people that dig us. So if you're actually a fan of our music/the band then email us a picture here: dedimusic@yahoo.com With your name, and where you're from and we'll put it up on the site.

April 16th, 2005 07:00 PM -
The Crump Theater
425 Third St., Columbus, IN 47201, -
Admission: $5
Halloween in spring!!!! Black Cat Rebellion, Lurking Corpses, The Alien Dead, + more tba! All ages!!!!

April 22nd, 2005 07:00 PM -
27 E. Chicago, Quincy, MI 49082, -
Admission: $7
Horror rock n' roll festival: The Skulls,Menophobia,Kennedy Brain Matter,The Necrophilicons,Koffin kats ALL AGES!!!!!!

April 24th, 2005 01:00 PM -
Student Center Ball Room
2000 W. University Ave., Muncie, IN 47302, -
"FREAK FORMAL". 2 bands: D.E.D.I., Station 8 Circus. Tattoos, piercing, freak show, all ages, upstairs in the B.S.U. Student Center Ball Room (above The Tally). (Time is subject to change so stay tuned)

Also added now is May 6th in Ft. wayne 21+(sorry kids)..more info on that soon.

We hope alot of you can make it to one or more of these shows..and get them pictures to us. The new site will be getting fully launched soon after we get them, and a few other things mapped out.

Keep it creepy!
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12:33pm 19/03/2005
mood: bouncy
help the rest of us in D.E.D.I. with wishing Justin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He's 23 today! Let him know how much you dig him and hope he has a good one! I'll be watching you. DO IT NOW!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Or e-mail: justinschock@yahoo.com to send him naked pictures.
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09:29am 18/03/2005
  CLICK HERE To see all the fun an exciting things that most of you missed on the 12th and 13th of march.(no offense to those that feel bad and had no choice but to miss it-comment made to anyone that missed it on purpose or due to selfishness)  
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seen this indrunkpunks 
11:56am 08/03/2005
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01:00am 26/02/2005
  The official Dead End Drive In shirts are in, so go check it out at our site. www.dedimusic.cjb.net Show some horror rock love, especially those of you in the Indiana region. ;) Pick one up while supplies last.

There's some other news on the site so check it, and don't forget to stop by our message board and make it exciting. That's what we need more of..exciting, and stimulating things on our forum. So if you go to a show, or have been to a show and want to talk us up. Or if you want to just ask general D.E.D.I. questions then go for it.
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01:36am 07/02/2005
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01:33am 07/02/2005
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01:01am 03/01/2005
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And a deadly New Year! 
02:04am 25/12/2004
mood: Ho ho ho-a-licuous!

Art by: Justin Schock

Everyone be safe and have a bloody holiday.

Hopefully this upcoming year will be great for all of us!</center>
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01:14pm 02/11/2004
  Hey kiddies, here's the pictures from Halloween!!

CLICK HERE!! We had a great time, and we hope the rest of you also had a fun time this Halloween. Also on our site is pictures from the show we played in Dayton,OH. on the 30th taken by our boy Ghoulius "Josh" Cesar.

Well kids that's all for the time being. Keep it creepy!!
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10:45am 21/10/2004
mood: creative

Little Dead, wish Ben a happy 19th birthday today!
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NEW STICKERS! And other assorted news! 
11:17am 14/10/2004
mood: excited
Heya Little Dead,
we've got GHOULISH news for you!

The D.E.D.I. stickers have just arrived to the tomb today! One American dollar will provide you with one of the best ways to represent us! Slap it on your car, you're friends windshield, someone's ass but make sure to slap it somewhere!

The new cd "Conscious Nightmares" will be available soon so get your money orders and well hidden cash ready!

As for anything else: we have a show TONIGHT at THE TALLY in Muncie. Then on Monday we have another show with THE CADAVERS, BLACK CAT REBELLION, and the legendary INDEPENDENTS at THE TIN HOUSE in South Broadripple.

Stay tuned and keep it bloody...with love and broken teeth,
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-UPCOMING SHOWS & Stickers Ordered!- 
07:55am 06/10/2004
  Don't forget to come out this Friday, to Nightmare University. We're doin' a little something there with a couple of other bands Only When I Burn and Elijah. So be sure to show up, and give us some mad props. I'm not sure how the whole thing is gonna work, but it'll be a fun time. Judging by the info I was given it'll be an outside event. Then you can go for a romp in the haunted house. It costs 10 bucks for the haunted house deal, and the bands so GO!!! And have fun.

Also we think that a show with the Independents will be happening on Oct. 18th, at a place in Broadripple called The Tin House. Also playing are the Cadavers, and Black Cat Rebellion. If you've not heard any of these bands you better fuckin' get on it, and when we get more info on this show we'll let you know everything...or go to our site for more details!

We placed an order for stickers last week..so hopefully we'll be getting those this week. If not..then we SHOULD have them by our next show on the 14th of October in Muncie,IN. (check shows page for all info.) That's all for now, So remember to Keep it Bloody!!!
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07:53pm 15/08/2004

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Keep it bloody,
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